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Help save the population of Sumatran rhinos in, Sabah Malaysian Borneo by joining the in-situ project in Tabin Wildlife Reserve to evaluate the rhino in one their last remaining habitats in the wild. You will assist the Rhino Protection Units to collect survery data that will contribute to the conservation efforts of this highly endangered and unique species.
Rhino Survey Expedition in Borneo Sabah Malaysia


Rhino Survey Expedition in Borneo Sabah Malaysia

The 7D6N program combines a 4D3N rhino survey with a comfortable stay at the charming Tabin Wildlife Resort.



The Sumatran rhino of Sabah (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis harrissoni) is the smallest of the five rhino species left in the world, and the only rhino spedies found in Malaysia and on the Island of Borneo. The Sumatran rhinoceros is considered the most critically endangered of the five rhino species and face a bleak future due to loss and fragmentation of its habitat-pockets of reserves that are too far apart to enable the rhinos to meet and mate.


GOOD NEWS! Recent findings of baby rhinoceros tracks by SOS Rhino Borneo’s Rhino Protection Unit Staff may suggest a reproducing population of rhimos in the wild. This findinf proves that with combined efforts, there is hope once again for this dwindling species to return from the brink of extinction.



Venture into wild Borneo and be embraced by mother-nature. Tabin wildlife Resrve, with its 120,500 hectares of dipterocarp rainforest holds extraordinary biodiversity. Tabin was declared a wildlife reserve because of the large numbers of wildlife and birds inhabiting its jungle, many of which are endemic and endangered species. Amongst them is the most endangered of the rhino species, the Sumatran rhino.


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