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Sabah, the second largest state in Malaysia, is situated at the northern part of the island of Borneo, the third largest island in the world. It covers an area of 72,500 sq. kilometres with a coastline of 1,440 kilometres long washed by the South China Sea in the West, the Sulu Sea in the Northeast and the Celebes Sea in the East.


Nestled cozily along the stretch of beautiful eastern coast beaches is the sprawling FELDA Residence Sahabat in Lahad Datu. Indeed a breathtaking 200 meters of wondrous splendor. Watch the waves break into millions of tiny bubbles on the golden sandy beach. Stroll along the shore and feel your feet in the sand. Take in the aromatic breeze from the turquoise blue sea. This is your ideal getaway be it for work or leisure!

Room with a view! Wake up and bask in the warmth of the rising sun, as every room enjoys a magnificent panoramic view of the sea. Each of the 38 guest rooms is equipped with a writing desk, colour TV, air-conditioning unit, ceiling fan, IDD telephone, hot/cold shower, and bathtub in suite rooms.


At FELDA Residence Sahabat you can do almost anything or simply choose to relax and do next to nothing!

Jogging or strolling at the beach front is a pleasurable way to keep fit. Let your hair down at the lobby lounge or go for the agro-tour; visit a palm oil plantation site, have fun fruit picking or pick up the microphone and hit the buttons on the karaoke machine! It is your vacation, it is your call!

For sports enthusiasts, you may choose to go out to the golf driving range, to the soccer pitch, play a bit of tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball or perhaps even try your skills at sepak takraw !

Golf Driving Range – Golfing enthusiasts eager to better their swings congregate here!

Jogging Trek – A safe and fascinating trek through greeneries, jogging is a sport that gets the blood flowing and the heart pumping !


Tennis – A fast-paced game requiring great stamina, tennis can also be a relaxed game between friends practicing their strokes. Come try out the court !

Badminton, Volleyball, Basketballl and Sepak Takraw Courts – These are the other court games you can choose to take part in while you are at the resort. It is a great way to promote teamwork as well as a sure way of meeting new people.

Soccer Pitch – For soccer enthusiasts, round up the team and hit the pitch!

Swimming (Beach/Pool) – Swimming is a popular activity popular mostly among female visitors and children. Splash away as you enjoy the breathtaking sunrise or dramatic sunset every day.

Banquet and Meeting Facilities – FELDA Residence Sahabat is also the ideal location for small private business meetings or brainstorming sessions. A range of facilities for a working vacation is available to facilitate your management retreat. Need to conduct a conference or host a seminar? Function rooms Baiduri and Kencana can easily accommodate up to 70 persons.

Sahabat Coffeehouse offers everything from snacks and casual delights to traditional favourites catering to popular taste. Its relaxed surroundings and informal setting creates a peaceful retreat for those who seek tranquility.

Madai Caves is an important place for birds’ nests. It is a special communal event for the Idahans, almost like a festival. The harvesting is a dramatic event with the men risking their lives to prise precious nests from the cave roof. The Idahans have held their rights to the Madai Caves for over 20 generations. To visit the caves, permission must be obtained from the Idahan elders. Visitors may visit the District Office in Lahad Datu town to make prior arrangements for entrance permission on their behalf.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve – Another fascinating location to visit while you are at FELDA Residence Sahabat is the famous Tabin Wildlife Reserve. Located in the scenic forested hills along Lipad River in Lahad Datu, this wildlife reserve is a must visit for nature and eco-holiday enthusiasts. Some have described their thrilling experience here as “the closest to nature as you can get!”

Danum Valley – ‘Danum Valley’ also within the vicinity of FELDA Residence Sahabat was declared a conservation area for its outstanding biodiversity values. Initially set up for nature and bio-researchers, the Field Centre immediately attracted a great number of tourists. Catering to nature loving tourists, here you can learn more about the rainforest and its environment. Whether you are a keen naturalist, a bird-watcher or just want to enjoy the sounds and sights of the rainforest, this is one place you should not miss!



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